2013 Regular Season Standings

The 2013 Regular Season is over – congratulations to the over 240 players, managers and other folks who helped make this season a success!

The following are the final, official 2013 Regular Season Standings and the seeding of teams for the upcoming PPWSL Tournament on 9/7 and 9/8. 

1: Jaguars – 2013 PPWSL Regular Season Champions!
2: Titans
3: Flamingos
4: Rebels
5: Las Fuertes
6: Bombers
7: Phoenix
8: Thunder
9: Backlash
10: Diamonds
11: Beavers
12: Crescendo

Note: standings tie-breaking adjustments have been made above as follows:
– PH and TH: Phoenix win tie-breaker and are in 7th place – “the two teams played two games head-to-head and split them, the winner is the team with the greater run differential when the two teams played each other”

– BA and DI: Backlash win tie-breaker and are in 9th place – “the winner is the team that won when the two teams played each other”