A note about standings

The current season is still underway but the standings listed in this website’s “Scores & Standings” section may need to be adjusted at the end of the regular season to account for the League’s tie-breaking procedures (below). This adjustment will occur after all games have been played and is not reflected in the rankings in this website’s “Scores & Standings” section. As per the PPWSL Tournament Guidelines, “the regular season standings are determined in the following order and are [also] used as seeding (ranking) for the tournament:”

1.     Total points, as follows: two-points for each victory, one-point for each tie and zero-points for each loss.

2.     If the two teams were tied in points, the winner is the team that won when the two teams played each other (head-to-head).

a.     If the two teams played two games head-to-head and split them, the winner is the team with the greater run differential when the two teams played each other (head-to-head run-differential).

3.     If they tied in head-to-head play or if they tied in head-to-head run-differential, the winner is the team with the greater run differential for the season (season run-differential).

4.     If the season run-differential is the same, a coin is to be flipped (coin toss).

If teams are unable to play a complete schedule, the League has usually used “winning percentage” as the initial standings determinant, followed by (if needed): 2) head-to-head play, 3) head-to-head run-differential, 4) season run-differential and 5) coin toss. This will be reviewed by the League if the regular season is unable to be completed and a decision made at that time.