Batting Clinics Testimonials

Testimonial from the April clinic:

Ellen Wong (Backlash) and Mandy Harris (Bombers) held the inaugural PPWSL batting clinic on Saturday, April 26, 2008. It was a smashing success, attended by a broad spectrum of players including A-Rod in a cameo role.

Amidst the little leaguers, women were twisting their hips “explosively,” “squishing bugs” and “cracking whips.” (Yes, that is what it takes to blast balls). Ellen and Mandy brought their toys – as well as many softball teaching aids – neon sticks, plastic bats and whiffle balls, and other “things” that we can’t mention here. They expertly sliced the “art” of batting down to basics – proper stance, weight distribution and shifting, bat grip (Mandy has a wicked four-fingered grip), ball tracking (demo-ed by A-Rod), level swinging and follow-through (Whew! Ellen can dance!). Many players realized instant results – much more power and distance in their hitting, and a few new dance moves.

Ellen and Mandy are awesome instructors – devoting several Saturday morning hours to conduct the clinic that is part group instruction with lots of individualized coaching. Most of us left wanting more – seriously. If you missed this one, shame on you. However, Ellen and Mandy are planning to hold several more clinics throughout the season. Wanna know more about “explosive hips,” “bug squishing” and “cracking whips”? Find out at the next clinic. Beware of Max on the Bombers, the April class valedictorian.

–Liz Franqui (Backlash)