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2015 Season Summary

The 2015 season has concluded. Congratulations to:

Tournament champs: Titans

Season champs: Flamingos

Final games tourney recap: Underdog Backlash was knocked out by Jaguars. Las Fuertes (s2) defeated Jaguars (s3) to advance to the final against fourth seed Titans. Las Fuertes defeated Titans 7-6, but had to play a final game to determine the winner. In the third matchup between these two teams in a single day, the Titans beat Las Fuertes 3-2.

All outcomes are below:

Summary of past seasons

Season Champion
Tournament Champion
 2015 Flamingos Titans
 2014 Jaguars  Titans
2013 Jaguars Jaguars
2012  Titans Titans
2011  Jaguars Flamingos
 2010 Titans Jaguars
 2009  Crescendo Crescendo
 2008 Las Fuertes Las Fuertes
 2007 Backlash  Flamingos
 2006 Titans Titans
 2005 Backlash
 2004 Titans Flamingos
 2003  Titans Backlash
 2002  Crescendo  Flamingos
 2001 Bombers