An instructional softball league for women 18 and over.

Fall Ball!

The first week of Fall Ball will be on Field 1 on Sunday, September 10th, the first Sunday after Labor Day.

– This year we would like to make the Fall Ball more consistent, by keeping the time and place the same.

– We will start with Sundays at 11:00. People should start showing up at 10:30 to claim field, measure bases, get suited up, and split into teams so that we can actually start playing by 11:00. We generally play at least 7 innings, and more if enough people can stay longer.

– If field 1 is taken, we will try and claim another field, and will post where we end up on FB group, but that never happened last year, and hopefully we will get lucky again this year!

– If the whether forecast for the weekend is rainy on Sunday, but nice on Saturday, we may decide to switch the game to Saturday on a case-by-case basis. We will announce the switch through this email or league FB group.

-We won’t bother with RSVPs as it seems we have enough interest in general. On any given week, if we get 18 or more we will play a full game, if we get 14-17 we will play a round robin with three teams, and if we get less than 14 we can just do batting practice. Players who come after 11:00 will be added to teams and subbed in at the soonest possible time, but we encourage people to come on time!

– The games are open to all PPWSL players, but players should feel free to bring along friends who have connections to the league, or may be interested in joining.

– Teams are made randomly on the day of the scrimmage and we try to mix up the teams, so that people get to play with different players.

– We encourage everyone to feel free to try different positions from what they are used to playing during the year. There are no coaches in Fall Ball, as it is an informal scrimmage, so players do not need to ask “permission” to play a certain position. Rather, players should negotiate splitting position with their teammates for the day.