An instructional softball league for women 18 and over.

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End of Season Party! Sept 15th -7pm @ Mister Rogers

231 Rogers Ave – Mister Rogers
Game Night, closing party, $10 cover, Team Spirit Award

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Congratulations to the Flamingos and the Titans!

Another softball season has ended and the Flamingos and the Titans have come out on top! The regular season ended with the Flamingos in first place while the Titans are crowned the winner of the End-of-Season Tournament. Congratulations!

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2018 Final Standings

2018 Final standings
1. Flamingos
2. Titans
3. Backlash
4. Las Fuertes
5. Diamonds
6. Jaguars
7. Thunder
8. Bombers
9. Crescendo
10. Rebels
11. Beavers
12. Phoenix

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