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2018 Season – Upcoming Events

Save the dates!

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2017 End of Season Tournament – August 26-27

Get your copy of the tournament brackets and rules so you can keep track of the action.

First games start at 8:30am on Saturday, August 26th in Prospect Park.

See you there!

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2017 Final Standings

3Las Fuertes (tied with Titans and Rebels --> Las Fuertes wins tiebreaker v. Titans and Rebels based on "head-to-head run-differential" - tiebreaker #3; note: tiebreaker #2 - "head to head play" does not produce a decision)
4Titans (tied with Las Fuertes and Rebels --> lose tiebreaker to Las Fuertes; win tiebreaker v. Rebels based on "head to head" play - tiebreaker #2)
5Rebels (tied with Titans and Las Fuertes - lose tiebreakers to Las Fuertes and Titans)
7Backlash (tied with Flamingos - win tiebreaker v. Flamingos based on "head to head" play - tiebreaker #2)
8Flamingos (tied with Backlash - lose tiebreaker to Backlash)
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