Tryouts for the league are held each spring, generally late March/early April. Tryouts for the 2023 season are fast approaching. Please fill out the Pre-Registration Form below and join us at one of the 2023 try-outs dates. Hope to play with you soon!

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  • Wed, March 22nd: 5 pm – 7 pm
  • Saturday, March 24th: 9 am – 12 pm
  • Sunday, March 26th: 9 am – 12 pm

If any of the above dates are cancelled due to weather, it will be rescheduled a week later to March 29th, April 1st, or 2nd respectively. This page and our instagram, @PPWSL1981, will be updated with the latest information.

LOCATION: Greenwood Playground (Kevin F. Conroy Ballfield), corner of Ft. Hamilton Parkway and E. 5th Street in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn.

Tryout Information: In order to participate in the PPWSL, you are required to attend ONE of the tryout dates posted. You must bring a glove (and mask) with you. Tryouts are intended as an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to bat, field and throw. Players will be ranked for each skill and will receive an overall score that will determine your level of ability (beginner, low intermediate, middle intermediate, high intermediate or advanced).

PPWSL is instructional which means your ranking will not impact your ability to participate in the league. You will be placed on a team according to your ranking as well as according to what openings there are on the teams for players of your rank. First priority is given to people who tried out for the previous season but were not placed on a team (this number varies from season to season). Once those people have been placed, those who have tried out for the upcoming season will have their names drawn randomly, by rank, until all the teams’ rosters are filled. Please note: trying out does not guarantee you a position on a team.

Players will be notified beginning mid-April as to whether you have been selected to be on a team. If you are not contacted at that time, there is still a possibility to be placed on a team for the season. People inevitably drop out due to schedule conflicts or other reasons and you may be contacted about joining a team through the end of June. If you are not placed on a team in the season you try out, you will be given priority for the following season (note you will not have to tryout again).

Additional message for pitchers and players with advanced softball skills: the PPWSL has a specific need for you! Please consider  joining the PPWSL!

  • Pitchers – PPWSL plays modified fastpitch (not high arc/slow and not fastpitch/windmill), as per ASA Pitching Rules
  • Players with advanced playing skills to help instruct and motivate lower-rated players

About the games: The PPWSL is a modified pitch (not-high arc/slow pitch and not fastpitch/windmill), instructional league and plays in Prospect Park, Brooklyn on weekday nights beginning in mid-April through the end of August. Games begin at 6:20pm.

Weather: March weather is often questionable. Despite that, the tryouts will go ahead unless there is a true downpour or steady rain that makes the playground field unsafe and unusable.

Draft Order:

PPWSL has historically conducted a blind draft to match players with teams who have openings for their skill level. Starting this season, we are proactively working to have the league better reflect the community we play in, #brooklyn. While the draft structure remains the same, we will also be prioritizing placement of BIPOC players. The drafting order will still be blind and skill-based. It is a pilot for the 2022 and 2023 season and will be the following, adapted from PPWSL New Draft Protocol 2018:

  1. Returning Players (PPWSL alumnae)
  2. Pitchers:
    1. From preceding season
    2. From current season
  3. Undrafted players the preceding season (by rating):
    1. Self-identifying BIPOC players (not applicable in 2022)
    2. Remaining players
  4. Undrafted players from current season (by rating):
    1. Self-identifying BIPOC players
    2. Remaining players